How To Make Stop Motion Video Using Paint

This Video Using "Bahasa" so You Dont Have to Translate again Into Bahasa Indonesia, Good Luck!

1. Brain
2. Pc's
3. Imagination
4. Paint
5. Movie Maker
6. Headset.

1. Draw Stuff in Paint
2. Save it into PNG , and Draw Again, and Save it (do saveral times until you have saveral image for your stop motion video.
3. Edit your image sequence in Movie maker.
4. Compile into video format, done.

-Maximum Duration in 1 image slide in movie maker is 2 seconds
-Minimum Duration for entire movie stop motion is 30 Seconds
So you need create more images for your stop motion video, because the minimum duration for the movie is 30 seconds.

Good Luck!

Link youtube nya:

(Please Use Full Screen View)

*Or You can access the video in: Materi ITL ==> at the Desktop Icon
(Each of Your Computer Have it)


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