Let's Make Animation 3D With Movie Maker (For 6-7 Class)

Simulation Made Using. 3D Movie Maker

1) Movie Maker
2) Recording & Headset Device
3) Imagination

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Good Luck!

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1 Response to "Let's Make Animation 3D With Movie Maker (For 6-7 Class)"

  1. 3D Animation: Precisely What Your Product Requires

    The global animation market was valued at $254 billion by 2017. It has, however, become evident that the increase was but the beginning. This is largely due to the fact that animation has made its presence felt in the field of marketing.

    How To Improve At 3D Animation In 60 Minutes

    When many people think 3D animation, they think entertainment. This is because animation has kept us interested in movie theatres for the longest time. In the recent past, however, 3D animation is increasingly being used to showcase products.

    So how efficient is 3D product animation?

    Well, Quite Effective!

    This is best illustrated through brands like Gillette and the beloved Apple. Gillette, for example, uses 3D animation to transform a daily shave into an adventure. The big gain for the brand is the perception the animation creates. As its competitors utilize traditional marketing, Gillette infuses some 3D adventure to set itself apart. The quality of the animation is regarded reflective of the brand's quality. Employ 3D product animation and join the ever growing list of companies that are dominating their niches.

    There are three main reasons why you must add 3D animation to your marketing stratagem:

    1.Prototyping Made Easy: Prototypes are very expensive. These costly prototypes yield the necessary feedback but, what if you could get the feedback at a cheaper price? Well, now there is. 3D product animation can be used to design a virtual prototype and expose it to the market. This way, you get feedback for your product inexpensively.

    2.First Impressions last Forever: The most fascinating products rarely look the part. Imagine a Gillette ad without the animation. Boring, right?

    With 3D product animation, however, a dull product is changed into an adventure of cinematic proportions. The product is viewable across all 360-degrees with special effects added for that extra punch. When done properly, animation will endear your brand to the relevant niche.

    Apple's iPhone X is a good example of this trend. The marketing strategy was mainly centered on3D models. Other brand names that have used 3D product animations effectively are Samsung, Microsoft, and Huawei. It is no wonder they dominate their markets.

    3.Money Talks: 3D product animation helps save money. Besides marketing, the 3D model can also be used to identify glitches in an unfinished product. Designers can change the product after analyzing its model without physical prototyping.

    Animation is also easily the most cost-effective marketing method there is. Just take a look at how popular Virtual Reality (V.R) and 3D modelling are- no one can get enough of 3D.

    Simply speaking, animation technologies will bring good tidings to your product. The animation will give your product an aura of suspense and class that the market simply finds irresistible. The animation process also makes the brand feel contemporary and worthy of a place in the modern market. You will be surprised to know how many great products fail to sell due to how they introduced themselves to the market.

    Don't add to that sad statistic. Spice things up. Turn your advertisement into a 3D tale showcasing your product as the sophisticated and irresistible hero. We all know how popular those story lines are, don't we?