Job Vacancy HighScope Bali (Lowongan Guru HighScope Bali) 2018

HighScope Bali is a national plus school in Bali since 2006. We have three programs (early childhood, elementary, & middle) as we continue to develop and implement a better educational system for the future of our children. We are now looking for those who are dedicated in education, to work together with us as an English Teacher:
a. Responsibilities
i. Full-time teacher.
ii. Responsible as a homeroom teacher.
iii. Create a teaching plan.
iv. Taking care of the students during school hours.
b. Requirements
i. Age-not over 35 years old.
ii. Bachelor Degree.
iii. Having teaching certificates.
iv. Fresh graduated welcome
v. Loyal and disciplined in working.
vi. Able to work in a team.

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